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15111 Main Street Suite A104 Mill Creek, WA 98012

Industry leading mat cutter

Our mat cutter can think outside the box. It is so advanced it can cut almost any shape imaginable. You can give your project a very unique touch that many other shops simply can't offer.

State of the art production

Everything we do with your project is completed in house.  We house all of the saws, glass cutters, joiners, mat cutters, and everything else that goes into carefully constructing your artwork inside its protective casing.  This means that we never send work to a third party.

We're Independently Owned and Operated

From the "New" owner - Sara

We have an exciting announcement here at Artisan. Ellen, the owner for the last 10 years has sold the business to start retirement! Sara, bought the shop October 1st. She is a Cornish College of the Arts graduate and has been framing for the last 6 years. She began her framing career at this very shop mentored by Ellen herself. Ellen will still be in the shop for the next few months for anyone who would like to wish her happy retirement. We are also excited to showcase our new branded wines as part of the celebration!

Presidential Approval


Our frames of the current president and vice-president hang in the Federal Building in Seattle and in the Historical Building in Seattle.